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First anniversary & reintroduction

Today is a special day: It's my first anniversary here! And what a year it has been. My collection has grown so much, thanks to this lovely community!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a German colelctor who is crazy for dragons.
My main collections are Salamence and Rayquaza (I can't decide which one I prefer!).
I also love Charizard, Noibat/Noivern, Flygon, Tyrant/Tyruntrum, ... Of course I can't collect all of these actively.

Besides dragons, I love rodents - probably because of my gerbils XD Rattata and Raticate are my other main collection. I also really adore Pikachu, Raichu and Mew that are some side collections of mine.

And I have soft spot for eeveelutions, Absol and Metagross :D
What else? I'm a huge fan of How to train your dragon. And I'm a shiny hunter in the games. That's why I'd like to try to add more shiny merchandise to my collection in the future ^^

Since my last collection update wasn't so long ago, I'll only show you some of my recent gets.

I found this tin at a fleamarket for 50ct. ^^ It says 2007 World Championships Decks Ex Emerald and features gorgeous art of Rayquaza, Milotic and Manectric. Does anybody know more about it? Was it a special prize or something? I couldn't find any information on it, so I assume you couldn't just buy it in the shops?

Ah new Rayquaza TCGs. <3 Fresh from Japan and Germany. I even pulled the bottom left one myself.

This is my first settei. I love how it even shows the small details. For example, it pictures that the spikes at the head have volume and are not just plain flat. I knew that before, but for some reason, I like that they even thought about that, too. XD

Next we have some waps, Peruan cereal figures, a Mega Salamence kid (still missing the Mega Ray kid :/) and a Mega Absol strap. I just realized how beautiful Mega Absol is. (Must resist starting a side collection...) And I'm very happy about the big Rayquaza figure. It's posable, in amazing condion and quite huge. I believe it's pretty rare, too. I keep wrapping it around my plushies as a necklace ^^

My boyfriend and I completed this puzzle. The pieces are so tiny :3 Looking good, eh?

Have a good week, everyone!
Tags: absol, bagon, manectric, mew, milotic, rattata, rayquaza, salamence, umbreon
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