Leafy (leafyoddish98) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Belated Collection Update!

I've been so busy with school that I haven't had the chance to make a big post...until now!

My belated spring swap from Latios_latias_7!

Goomy line bead sprites!

Cute custom plush!

Oddish and seedot cards! I had a great time with the Spring swap this year. :P

Here's my Goomy collection update:
Includes an amazing custom Goodra poke doll from Shuuchi-chan! (Sorry, I'm bad at spelling. >.<
I've recently gotten back into collecting cards! Here's some of my better pulls:
Reshiram gold card! I bought about 6 packs and pulled it!

All from the same tin. :p

Here are some new Oddish cards! Most are reverse holos:

I went on Sunday! It was very quite. I ended up getting an absol sweatshirt and a Litwick shirt!

Well, thanks guys! :D

Edit: What is the going price for the large play by play Oshawott/Squirtle (the new one from this year)? I can't win carnival games. :(
Tags: cards, goodra, goomy, oddish, tcg
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