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Hello all such a long time being away ;-;

WOW! it's been forever! or at least it feels like forever to me, anyways if you guys don't remember me i'm the crazy girl who was planning her Pokemon themed wedding! so i was away from quite some time

I bring awesome news! I finally got married ^_^!!! June 6 with my amazing man <3 it was a very beautiful wedding wish i could live it over and over again.

anyways here's some pictures Sorry the pictures will be huge D: so click the link!

[pokemon wedding (click to open)]

This is my bouquet! :D it was so beautiful!! <3

My Garter that was made by my amazing friend who also put a eevee charm on there :3

This is my ringbear!!! :D he dressed up as Ash and the flower girl wore a tutu pikachu dress they were so cutee!

This is the table that had all the perler beads of pokemon on it :3 and i made it look like wild grass we made 250 of these they all have magnets on the back (i have alot left over)

just a close up of the perler beads :3

my amazing friend joel drew and painted this for my wedding :3 i love it so much!!

This is what our table looked like it was different from all the rest :3 and Yes these plushie are booties, come on would you really use your collection for this? i would worry too much about them getting stained if it was my real collection ;_;

This is what all my tables looked like all different types of pokemon with figures in the vase, again yes these are booties over 10 people took vases home (just think if that was your collection you would cry)

My favorite part! Our lovely cake <3 not only did it look good it taste good :3! The ash and misty are real the pokemon are not!

This art was amazing draw by my friend joel this is the art work we used for our wedding programs (i would stop you that but that has our last name on it) And please, do not take this art ._.

Last but not least! My husband and i <3 ^_^ we had such a wonderful wedding and the weather was fantastic
I been planning our wedding for over a year! so i'm glad that everything turned out really cute and not too kidish
alot of people said it was there favorite wedding :D im so happy my husband and i got to do something we really love alot even though his parents question our wedding we all had a wonderful time and i will always remember our wedding ^_^

Ps. My 3 year anniversary is coming up July 6 I need to get my husband an amazing blastoise figure or plush please let me know if you have any you are selling!
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