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4 years of collecting

Hey everyone! tomorrow is my 4 year collecting anniversary! Since i'll be on vacation for a few days I'd thought I'd do a whole update today, especially since i upgraded my shelves on monday.

To start off -
I'm known as Herar by everyone; friend, customer, and stranger. I'm 23 years old and I live in Michigan. I'm also a textile artist and I probably spend all of my money on my collection.
I started out collecting Drifloon and a lot of other pokemon, and honestly i've collected and sold so many different collections I can't really name all of them. But there's always been my #1: Groudon. Hoenn has always had a special place in my heart so it was pretty easy to figure out that I wanted to collect him once I got into the community a bit.
As of now, these are the pokemon I also collect: Quilladin, Chesnaught, Meloetta (Pirouette/Step), Vanillite, Vanillish, Vanilluxe, Klefki, Groudon (Normal + Primal). I also collect Pokedoll figures and special edition Pikachu plush!

Without further ado...My collection!

Main overview! I upgraded my last 3 shelf bookcase to a 5 shelf, so now I have this big huge massive space which is 2/3 Groudon.


Very top stuff - the stuff too big for a shelf, including my larger than lifesize Vanillite that I made (after having a nice dream), my ice cream line blanket, and some Groudon boxes/bags.

And here's my pride and joy - Big Daddy! He's 4 feet long and the cuddliest ever. And there's also a very out of place Wailord and some pillows. *^*

Quilly/Chesnaught shelf. These guys are pretty underrated, but I have a thing for grumpy/round chubby guys. My favorite is my Quil snowman made by sorjei. <3

Step/Pirouette Meloetta shelf! She hasn't been getting merch lately, but she got a nice amount during the 2012 movie.

Ice cream baby shelf. Vanillite by far has the most merch of the 3, and Vanillish the least. But I'm always looking to buy customs of these guys.

Klefki is another one of those Pokemon who had a big break in a movie short but has been pretty much ignored since then. ;-; But I've had the opportunity to get quite a few custom plush and will need more in the future. <3

Pokedoll figure shelf! I have pretty much everything recent, but a lot of old pokedoll merch is, of course, obnoxious to find.

Plush shelf #1 for Groudon/Primal groudon. I decided to keep my custom pinkies over here too since my other shelves are full!

ignore the charms that fell down



Special edition pika shelf! i got the 5 cosplaychus from pokemoncenter.com on monday, after wanting them forever!

Groudon plush shelves #2 and #3. they're pretty squished in there. ;-;

figure shelf! i just noticed one fell over

Random merch shelves. They're getting so full!


and finally, here are my corkboards. i keep flatish/hangable stuff here, but i'm sort of running out of room. ;-;

okay, i think that's all for today! thank you for looking and thanks so much for being such an awesome community! I hope to be here for more years to come!
Tags: chesnaught, groudon, klefki, meloetta, pikachu, pokedolls, quilladin, vanillish, vanillite, vanilluxe
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