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Its time for a magical love photo story and collection update

One upon a time...

Bob: *sigh* I'm so lonely...
Banana: Why ya lonely, there's plenty of lickis to hang out with?
Bob: But not too many female lickilickys =___= I want a mate to hang around with.
Banana: Well then get searching for one. I'm sure they're at least one of two female lickilicky around here. I know Lucky and Ghoroho are ladies.
Bob: Ok, I'll go see them.

Bob: Uh....
Lucky: Yes.
Bob: Nevermind (she's so tiny O.o;;)

Bob: O___________o;; (Ghoroho a bit on the... massive side for me)

Bob: Awww... I'll never find a mate... wait... A package has arrived!

???: *mumble mumble*
Bob: Holy crap! How can anything breath in a bubble envelope?! I better get some Help. Its time to call the The Scissors Wielding T-rex... On Drugs.

T.S.W.T.R.O.D: I'M ON CRACK COCAINE!!!!!!111 *cuts package open*

???: Yay, after 3 weeks I finally can breath again (how did I survive?)!
Bob: ...

*insert angelic type music*

Bob: *snuggles* Let's make eggs <3
???: But we just met .__.

Anyway, long time no collection update. Since the last I've received two character sheets of Lickilicky (from grrrowly), The original lickitung zukan (Garefowl?) and the Lickilicky DX figure (amirrorstwin). I also received art from both Amirrorstwin and Grrrowly but didn't get bother taking images of them this time (they're was enough images as it is). I also made a lickilicky pillow plush that I posted a seperate journal a while back.

My collection (not including art) all together :)

Anyway hope you enjoy looking
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