mewisme700 (mewisme700) wrote in pkmncollectors,

June Update!

Hey guys! Home from school (finally) so figured I'd do a quick update. This is mostly my Natu/Xatu Collection, then just my overall collection.

Yeahhh.. Hate to be that one person that has 3 of the same rare Pokedoll lol. I just adore the Natu Pokedoll so much... And if I find a good deal I take it!

Now for the restttttt

Over view! Looks rough, but I really dont have space for them anywhere else lol

Plooooshhhh. Xatu Time plush, custom Natu Time plush by neutralemotions, Mascot Natu, Natu Pokedoll x3 and needle felt by me.

Various flats and other goods. Not big on flats most these are extras from purchases :3

Figures and other items- Kids, TOMYs, TFG Figure, Megabloc, Zukan (I have the base just doesnt fit in my case), totem pole figure, and Japanese Bean in the case. TCG coin, Time tin (I took the bubble things off, dont hate me :x), Swing charms, and the other tiny xatu charm from that promotion whos name i dont remember and dont feel like looking up.

I pretty much own all of the merch made of these guys. I still need some various time stuff, the retsuden stampers, and the dex charms.

Full collection! Well, most of it, have another shelf to the side where my birdies are and my Mews and Pikas are, but its looking rough lol

Pokedoll want list is pretty short now... my mini grail is the Smoochum Pokedoll... which I know Ill probably never own but one can dream lol. Others are Magikarp, Noctowl, Houndour, and Corphish.

Also my food collection:

Have a bunch of stuff not pictured like gummy wrappers and a super cool Popsicle wall cling. I also have two Wonderballs, but only one made it for the pic (was still in process of unpacking my collection lol) Really want the waffle box.

Thanks for viewing :D
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