Gastidri (raikourai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mini grail get, question and meme :)

Haaaiii everyone! :3

It has been quite a while since the last time I posted and actually got something. But hey, it was worth the wait for my minigrail - banpresto Manectric plush.
I was able to snag one recently from agui_chan. Thank you :3

Also i have a question and would like to ask for your opinion about loose glued fabric on a plushie under the cut.

Whos peeking out of the package?
Manectrikeeeee :D
And my dog - Shery laughing in the background :D

So cute Manectric :3

It is such a nice plush. I just love the pose, the expression and the fact that he has the beginning of his eyes emboided with blue :3
The only thing what i would mention what i miss, is the stuffing from the tail.... It can be solved thou :D

Also when i took him out from the package i noticed his foot mane (?) came apart.

So my question would be that is it normal for banpresto plushies to have a poor quality glue used to glue the fabric?

Did anyone else have this problem?

Have you ever received a imperfect official plush?

If so what is your opinion?

Side  note i recently noticed that my banpresto glaceon has a similar problem, the glue let go of the fabric on her head, and now she has three gluespots on her forehead, although the fabric stayed on perfectly. But i have to say that plush is more than 5 years old thou, so thats probs due to age.

Its kind of ironic to have such nice quality stiching and the embriodery is amazing too, then they used a barely there glue to attach the details....

Its no big deal since i can sew those details there to fix them, but still - it might sound perfectionist - when you buy an official plush you kinda expect high quality.
Somewhere it leaves a small bad feeling amongst the happiness of getting a long wanted plush, but that does not mean i do not love this plush to bits <3 :3

Anyway to make the post a bit happier in the end lets find out if Rune likes cherries :)

Rune What is this sweet smelling red ball?
Me: Those are cherries that grew in our garden, Rune.

Rune: Interesting.... Can i, can i, can i, can i?
Me: Weeellll :)

#grabs and runs away with cherry#

Rune: Oohhhhhh ~ Tastyyyyy ~~~~

Rune: omnomnomnomnomnom!!

Just for the fun fact apperantly my dog loves cherry :D

no title


Hahaha :DDDDDD

He is just like Grumpy Cat, Pokemon style :DD

Gotta love Rune :D

Thanks for reading :3
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