robyn (sootopolitan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

a small wants list!

Hello! This is my first wants post so I hope I'm doing it right |D;;;

I'm currently in search of quite a few things - the ones listed are my top three!

Pokémon Time Milotic Strap and Milotic Clearfile!

I'm also looking for the ORAS Wallace Clearfile & ORAS Steven Clearfile (I've bumped into the Wallace one on but I've never seen it or the Steven one for sale anywhere?)

Any information about these clearfiles would be a great help too ;v;

I'm on the look out for most milotic, wallace and slurpuff related items!
Here is a list of what I currently have so I may be interested in buying anything missing from my (currently small) collection!

Thank you very much ;w;
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