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Introduction Post - Hi! ^^

Hi! I'm Celine and I'm from Singapore!
I've been following the community for a while now, but only recently figured out how to join ^^;

I started my collection when I went to Japan in mid-March this year. It's still small but I love it nonetheless!!

It's mainly Pikachus, some stationary and clearfiles for now. (too many clearfiles maybe, haha..)

this little guy's sitting on the sofa!! I try to stop people from sitting on him but sometimes it's inevitable ;;

and the phone holder/pouch thing version of him! this is an old photo and i'm not sure how to crop it from here so i'm sorry for the irrelevant stuff by the side!

luckily for me, these 3 pikachu mascots showed up on the last day of my japan trip! so i just grabbed them all (even though the stationmaster pikachu looks sort of naked) ^^;

also, it was the day of business-chu! i didn't think i would be able to collect them all, but my mum found the bottom left one in her wallet!! it was kind of bent but it's still cute~

is there any way to stop them from face planting so much..? only pikazard is stable, it took me ages to set them up nicely.. ;~;

i got some pokemikke stuff recently too! a friend of mine helped me get the pikachu & friends with berries hand cream when the ichiban kuji was still running.

files... perhaps too many files
but i can't seem to stop wanting them :(

picked these two up from the kansai airport store on my way back! i didn't see this goomy plush keychain at the tokyo or osaka centers, so i was really glad when i saw it at the KIX store! the oops line is really cute, i wish i had bought greninja too.
the staff said the pikachu sticker was a free gift! (he was really cute too, are all pokemon center staff so cute?)

oh yeah, i won this goomy postcard after so many a few tries at the pokemon shuffle lottery! it was the only thing i won... which made me that much happier when i got this on my last try!!! for some reason i decided to pick goomy that day ^^

assorted small keychains!! the mincinno, pikachu logo and eevee were gifts.
i almost couldn't resist buying up all the tiny mascot keychains?? but i just limited myself to 1 per city (and forgot tokyo, damn it).. hopefully i'll get to visit them all in the future!!

the pikachu car was a gift "bought" by my 5 year old cousin ;w; he's adorable aaaa

lastly.... am i the only one who hoards pokemon center plastic bags?

Actually, I think my favourite Pokemon are Zoroark and Jirachi! (slight bias for the mudkip line as he was my very first starter ^^) But I haven't been able to get ahold of any of their merchandise..

The only piece of Zoroark merchandise I have is this Tomy(?) plush I got as a birthday present from my friends! I'm not sure if it's real or a bootleg.

Also, it's kind of off-topic but what's considered an acceptable price for the Hiroshima Shiny Gyarados Pikachu plush? I've seen a few orders online but I'm not sure if they're overpriced or not... ;;

I'm sorry if this post was boring!! I'm not sure what to post yet ><

Thank you for reading this!!

ahh i'm not sure if i can put my wants list together with my introduction post..

is anyone selling the eevee and sylveon plush strap? i missed out on the initial preorders :(

a local reseller here is selling the last set (umbreon+espeon+sylveon) for $65 but I can't afford them all!! not to mention I only want sylveon.. ; _ ;
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