clicky797 (clicky797) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Cute pokedoll gets and wants! :)

Despite me saying I wouldn't collect any merch past gen 3, I caved and bought two new pokedolls! XD

Blitzle and Ducklet! :D
I was so happy to find these being sold by a UK seller for just over $30 shipped for the pair! :) Blitzle is so cute with his little smile and Ducklet's fuzzy bits are adorable (not to mention he's another blue bird to go with Articuno, Swablu and Altaria! XD)! I imagine the Altaria pokedoll has a similar texture to it, which has made me all the more determined to find one!

So is anyone selling either the Altaria pokedoll or the banpresto Altaria plush? :) Would love to add them to my collection! :) Also I am going home for summer on 18th so expect massive collection updates! XD Absols and Articunos galore! XD

Tags: altaria, blitzle, ducklett, gets, wants
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