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A hidden get!

So, I bought a lot of movie keychains off of Y!J, because I spotted the elusive "Satoshi's Shiny Noctowl" charm set. I was pretty desperate for shiny Noctowl in my life and it was a nice lot that also included some neat things like Takeshi's pokemon charm set, 3 Movie charm sets (2000 w/Pichu brothers & logo, 2003 w/Torchic, Whismur, Pikachu/Meowth, 2008 w/Shaymin, Regigigas, Giratina), and 2 extra figure keychains of Entei and Hitmontop.

The funny thing is, Entei and Hitmontop were nowhere to be found! The keychains weren't rare and I didn't want them anyway so it wasn't a big deal, but something else caught my eye...

Satoshi charm set? Blue backing. Takeshi charm set? Green backing.

...yellow? Where'd that come from?

Wait--it's Kasumi's pokemon! These sets are pretty hard to find and I didn't even know the Kasumi set existed! I just double checked the auction photos and it definitely wasn't there--and I'm certainly not complaining that the other 2 keychains were missing!

I'm still in disbelief!

Also, I'll be making a sales post soon with a lot of great items including some of the keychains I mentioned very soon!
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