latias_girl (latias_girl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Questions!

Hello everyone~ I have some quick questions to ask! ^^
I've heard that new Takara Tomy plushes are coming out June 20th, and I'm really interested in getting the Latias plush.

(I got the image here , and I'll remove it if the owner would like/if necessary.)
Does anyone on here plan to sell any once they come out? Or does anyone know where I can purchase one once they release?
If not, I did see a listing on eBay for preorder by a seller called japan-asakura (link here: and I've bought from them before I believe, but has anyone else preordered/bought anything from them? I've only bought already released plushes from them, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how their experience with preordering from them was, because if I don't find anyone else on here that plans to sell it, then I'll just preorder the plush from them unless someone had a bad experience with them.
Thank you all very much and have a great day/night~
Tags: latias, tomy
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