dokina_abetara (dokina_abetara) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets post (More Forms)

This was a good mail day, literally everything showed up in one day.

Sorry for the poor lighting Dx I'm so happy I got the Dark, Ice, and Ghost type Arceus forms (Got Fighting coming in as well, I hope). Speaking of forms I also got regular Kyurem and Original Keldeo done, plus getting Virizion completes the Swords of Justice. My odd favorite is the nice Castform. Seriously adorable. If you guys have any Arceus form plushes you are selling let me know. I still am looking for Water, Grass, Fire, and Steel :) Fairy type of Arceus is unavailable, unless you count the China ones...but let's not :) Also I got my first KutaKuta with Miltank that I named Whitney....I'll let you finish reliving those memories xD and the Mascot Houndour as well, for my Dark Dog Army :D Only need the pokedoll now

Thanks for looking :)
Tags: areceus, castform, gets
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