Princess ♔ (princessharumi) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Princess ♔

Small gets <3

I got a few small gets this week that I wanted to show off before I get the BIG STUFF. a.k.a. The Eeveelu promotion things <3

Very small but cute gets this time !!

syminka Helped me get the shirt, its an x-large so I definitely can't wear it XD Maybe I'll get a Medium some time. But its very cute, has the Eeveelutions in their respective colors, I love the design.

I asked my middleman if he could pick me up one of these Sylveon pan wrappers and they found some <33 I wish I could have eaten some but oh well ! It's a cute wrapper, and through him I ordered the ladies pj pants and muffler too since he got them pretty cheap for me.

And that's it for now. I'll make a larger post in about a week or two, and maybe I'll finally finish updating my site since its soooo behind on stuff XD

Thanks for looking and I hope you're all having a good weekend <3
Tags: gets
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