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Eeveelu Necklace Preorders Post

Hi all~

Since there was such an interest for the new Eeveelu necklaces, and no one has posted a pickup yet, I thought I would offer my services in case there is anyone who would like to put in an order. I'll be placing an order directly for myself and a friend, and I've opened up a limited amount of slots for necklace preorders for the community. Please read the rules carefully!


(*) Sales permission granted in 2009 by lineaalba, feedback is here.

(*) I am accepting slots for (1) Silver style necklace per slot. I cannot afford to place orders for Gold or Pink Gold necklaces, I'm sorry! ;.; If you want more than one necklace, you'll need to claim more than one slot.

(*) If you accept a slot, this is a committment. All items are made to order, and cannot be cancelled once the order is placed. Do not claim a slot if you think you're going to back out. Payment would not be required until August, when the necklaces would be shipped, but it would be required ASAP as soon as I give you the total. This is a risk for me putting a charge on my credit card, so please be respectful of this and understand that you must pay imediately when the neckalces arrive. Failure to pay or backing out will result in a negative feedback and a permanent ban on all my sales and claims in the future. If I feel uncomfortable with your order, I reserve the right to refuse a slot.

(*) Total costs will be Item Price + Shipping from me to you + PP Fees. All slots are $170 each before shipping and fees.

(*) Depending on when I place the order is when the items will ship. As of right now, I will leave this claims post up for a week, unless all the slots are filled before that. If the order gets placed before the 22nd, they will ship on the 5th of August. If they're placed after that but before 7/5, then they will ship on the 19th of August. Just so you can ballpark when payment will be required.

(*) Each slot is for (1) Silver Style necklace of any character. Each slot is $170 before shipping/fees.


1.) latias_latios_7 - Silver Espeon
2.) lovestyle - Silver Espeon
3.) akihio - Silver Flareon
4.) x2014 - Silver Glaceon
5.) dezi_kitsune - Silver Vaporeon
6.) nolanjon - Silver Espeon
7.) fabledkizmet - Silver Sylveon
8.) dialny - Silver Umbreon
9.) princess_snivy - Silver Espeon
10.) 12mermaid - Silver Vaporeon
11.) acidmimi - Silver Sylveon
12.) dokina_abetara - Silver Umbreon
13.) wobbuwhit - Silver Espeon
14.) kriscarmi - Silver Flareon
15.) ashketchumgirl - Silver Vaporeon
16.) sickoffakes - Silver Umbreon

I can possibly take more than 10, depending on a few factors and what my friend wants to order. What I am able to order depends on how much I am able to front at the time, so it isn't a guaranteed slot. However, if you request to be placed on this waitlist, it is still a committment if I am able to secure your necklace.


1.) acidmimi - Silver Sylveon
2.) dokina_abetara - Silver Umbreon
3.) wobbuwhit - Silver Espeon
4.) kriscarmi - Silver Flareon
5.) ashketchumgirl - Silver Vaporeon
6.) sickoffakes - Silver Umbreon

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! <3

UPDATE: June 19th, all necklaces on both the original slot list and the wait list have been ordered! They should arrive mid August. Expect the payment post to be then. If you'd like to comment again now with your zipcode/country and prefered method of shipment, I will take note of it for later. Thank you for ordering! :)
Tags: eevee, espeon, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, leafeon, sylveon, umbreon, vaporeon
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