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Offers Reminder!: "Huge Lot Of Kanto Clear Kids" Ends SATURDAY!

G'mornin' peeps!

Just bringing you a quick reminder that my lot of 72 Kanto Clear Kids figures is still up for offers and will be until Saturday!

Either click the above picture or here to go to the original offer page! =)

Just under half of the figures don't have any starting offers at the minute and a lot of the other half are still just at their starting offer price!

Any figures that are left after these offers will not be put into my sales post as originally planned and will instead be bundled up as a lot and put onto eBay!

This is your last chance to buy any single Kids that you may need from this lot so get your offers in before Saturday!

All the best to you all and good luck offerers! =D

Tags: 1st gen, bandai, bellsprout, blastoise, bulbasaur, butterfree, charmander, charmeleon, clefable, clefairy, cubone, donphan, dragonair, drowzee, dugtrio, eevee, ekans, electabuzz, electrode, exeggutor, figures, gastly, geodude, golbat, goldeen, golduck, gyarados, hitmonchan, hitmonlee, ivysaur, jigglypuff, jolteon, jynx, kadabra, kids, kingler, lickitung, magmar, meowth, mewtwo, nidorina, nidorino, ninetails, ninetales, oddish, offers, onix, pidgeotto, pikachu, pokemon, poliwrath, rapidash, raticate, rattata, sandslash, seel, slowpoke, snubbull, spearow, squirtle, tangela, tauros, vaporeon, venonat, vileplume, voltorb, vulpix, wartortle, weedle, weezing, wigglytuff, zapdos
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