clicky797 (clicky797) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Massive Pokemon Trading Figures Group Auction!

We won guys! :D Please be patient while we work out the discounts etc. Payment will be due within 48 hours after the payment post has been made! :)

Hi guys! :) Today we are hosting a very exciting group auction full of lots of rare trading figures! :) These figures are quite rare and always go for a lot when they do appear, so now's your chance to get the one you've been after for a fantastic price! :) Take a look - there might be some you didn't even know had figures! :)

clicky797 (me) will be the organizer (threads/tallying totals, etc) and will be claiming Clear Absol for $35. I am willing to go higher and may bid in the threads as well. I don't have sales permission, but here is a link to my PKMNcollector's feedback.

latias_latios_7 will be the Bidder/Shipper and will be claiming nothing. They may bid in the threads though.
Sales Permission granted by entirelycliched in February 2013.
Feedback is here.
latias_latios_7 will be shipping from New York, USA.

Rules and Info

This lot will be shipped from USA. The seller has listed this lot as used but states that most of the figures are in excellent condition. They have listed which figures are broken and how so I shall include that information in the thread. Please inspect the photos before bidding to ensure you are satisfied with the condition of the figure. Use your best judgement please!

There will be 2 payments:

Payment 1: Cost of lot + Shipping to latias_latios_7 + PP fees
Payment 2: Shipping from latias_latios_7 to you!

- All community rules apply.
- Payment is due within 48 hours. You will receive negative feedback if you fail to pay within this time period.
- Do not edit or delete your bids. Just let us know if you make a mistake!
- Remember to reply to the last person who has commented to keep things smooth and easy to follow.
- Auto Extension: If a bid is placed in the last five minutes of the auction, the end time will extend to . If bids are placed five minutes before this time, they will extend another five minutes from the time that bid was placed. This means that it's impossible to snipe so everyone has a fair chance of getting their bids in.
- Minimum bid increments of $1

This auction will end on June 22nd, Monday at 1:00pm BST.

Rayquaza is bent and leaning, but not damaged.
One of Suicune's ribbons has snapped off, but seller will include it and claims it can easily be glued back on.

Rare clear figures of Murkrow, Absol (claimed), Feraligatr and Groudon.

There is also a Zangoose figure that the seller forgot to include in the photographs. Lot contains 59 trading figures in total, as well as 26 trainer cards and 7 small packets of tokens. These will be available to claim at a later time.

You may bid as soon as your desired thread is up! :D All threads are up! Happy bidding! :D
Tags: abra, bayleef, chimchar, corsola, doduo, dratini, eevee, ekans, entei, feraligatr, golem, groudon, group auction, gyarados, heracross, ho-oh, kyogre, lugia, machamp, machop, manaphy, mareep, marill, meowth, mudkip, murkrow, nidoran, pikachu, pinsir, piplup, raichu, rayquaza, salamence, scyther, sentret, seviper, shroomish, skarmory, snorlax, suicune, taillow, tauros, teddiursa, torchic, treecko, tropius, turtwig, tyranitar, voltorb, weedle, weezing, zangoose
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