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More flat sales + gold raichu pan sticker offers

Got a few new flat items for you so be sure to take a look in my sales post at the bottom ;D
Heres a little peek at some of the flats I got from the lots that arrived from Y!J

AAAHH LOTS OF CUTIES <3 I think my favourite is the giant sticker at the bottom right of the swarm of Zubats, its like so big for a sticker!
I've still got to trim and cut my book pages up nice and neat but I love them all! :D

I got this gold border Raichu pan sticker in with my lot, and to be honest I have no idea about prices and stuff so I'm putting him up for a 24hr offers auction! :>

I got my sales permission by entirelycliched on March 12th, 2012
I ship from the UK to world wide and the sticker will be safely packaged!
It's in great condition as seen in the photo :>
Offers will end in 24hrs, countdown is here

Check out both pages to find new flats at the top!

I got my sales permission by entirelycliched on March 12th, 2012
I ship from the UK to worldwide.
        Shipping to worldwide starts from about $2-3 for some flats and stickers, to about $4-6 if you buy a lot or want large book pages.
Paypal fees will be added on top of your order.
Because the shipping is simple there will be no holding for quotes - be committed if you're serious!
Minimum order is $5
Please COMMENT ON THIS POST with your order <3
        And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE link the images from my sales post, and write down the price next to it! This makes it 1,000 times easier for me to work out your total!

>>>>>> CLICK HERE FOR PAGES <<<<<<

>>>>>> CLICK HERE FOR FLATS <<<<<<
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