maybeex3 (maybeex3) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Super Short Intro + Looking For

Hi I'm maybee, and I joined this community about a week ago, though I was lurking for about a week before then. Since then, I have basically spent all my free time on here, ebay, and yahoo!japan. I probably visit here at least eight times a day. It's quite addicting. Just window shopping for things makes me happy :3

I don't have a set collection in mind yet, but I am looking for this guy!

The New Year 2014 Kagami Mochi plush from the Pokemon Center

I know there are some on ebay, but a lot of those feature stock images, and that makes me leery, So I'd like to see if anyone on here has one for sale first.

Thanks for your time! Nice to meet you all!
Tags: dedenne, introductions, plush, wants
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