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Sales and Pokedoll opinion time!

Wishing a  good sunday to all of you! :)  This week-end I've added some stuff for sale and also came up with a question that lingered on my mind for a while. Let's get this over with! :3

(click the picture to check out my store. :) )

As for the question... You all know there haven't been Pokedoll releases in quite a while now in Japan. Secret Base Plushes however seem to be a regular thing. So I wondered, are they trying to replace regular Pokedolls with Secret Base ones? If that was the case would you mind, rather want the old designs back, or have both lines continue?

For my part, I wouldn't mind the Secret Base plushes replacing Pokedolls, they seem way more doll like in my opinion and it's a nice bonus that they look exactly like their ingame counterparts. :D Their bigger size also seems to make 'em  even more loveable. <3
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