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advice? + collection update!

Hello everyone! <3
I hope this is ok to ask ~ I recently purchased a Nintendo 3DS XL and I wanna know, can I decorate it with Pokemon stuff? Charms, covers, cases, stickers, etc? I googled but couldn't find much. I know there's a gorgeous PC sylveon case but I think it's only compatible with a regular 3DS. :c
So I would really love for you to share pictures of your decorated 3DS XL! Or direct me to any decor/merch. Maybe you could try to sell me something! ;)

Anywayyyy! I haven't posted in a while, & I have a lot of new gets to share with you! Including a Grail, handmade shiny plushies, and other grand things! ;p


Firstly, here's my display case! 55cm pikazard proudly sits atop it but I wanted a closeup of the new gets. Sorry pikazard, no spotlight this time. 0:-)

Newest additions: spinda pokedoll, DX piplup pokedoll, cresselia pokedoll (hiding behind teddiursa), jumbo derpy flaaffy plush, shiny dratini plush, shiny whimsicott plush, and *drumroll*.......

My Skitty Grail! <3 DX MWT!!
A few months back, I posted a list of wants - DX Skitty being top priority. Several comm members pmed me with a link to this cutie's y!j auction. Thank you all so much!
One person in particular offered to help me (I've never used y!j and it still totally confuses me.) Thank you, 0fabilau, for being a super fantastic middleman! (I think that's the correct term..?? xD) I never would have obtained Skitty without you!

Now I'd like to share a few quick pics of the handmade gets.
This is my shiny whimsicott from SewMeARiver. If you look closely, you can see the cutest little smile. :)

And this is my shiny dratini from Plush-Lore. I randomly hatched a shiny dratini in XY so she is very special to me!

And when I saw this cutie flaaffy for sale, my heart sang & I threw all my monies at plush artist bubble_rhapsody! <3


So yea, that's it. :)
You can take a look at my Wants List before you go!!
I won't be able to buy much right now, but it would be nice to know if you're selling/willing to hold. ^-^
Thank you for reading! Yall are the best like no one ever was! <3 :p
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