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Father's Day 30% Discount Off Flats from Japan Sales

Since it is Father's Day, I thought it would be a great excuse to offer a special discount sale to one of my sales threads. But because I know (and hope) that some if not most of you will be spending time with your father today, this will be a two-day sale. It will officially end on Monday, June 22 at 11:59PM EST.

With a special discount sale comes some new rules to be implemented, so please review these before posting!

Rules for These Sales
- Minimum purchase of $5 (before discount and shipping) for items from the Flats from Japan thread (linked in the banner below) as long as you want to apply the discount.
- The 30% discount only applies to items from the Flats from Japan thread (linked in the banner below). If you would like to combine any items from my other sales threads, I will add the total of those items after applying the discount. The discount also only applies to the items themselves. Shipping will be calculated after.
- Domestic shipping starts at $2.54 for padded envelope & international shipping starts at $1.50 for flats plus Paypal fees. Please do not ask for a quote unless you're ordering many items and/or combining items from my other sales threads. Domestic buyers should ask for a normal envelope if they are okay with no tracking number. I will charge you for the cost of the stamp which is $0.49.
- Committing to an item gives you priority. Committing to an item means you are not inquiring on the condition or shipping cost of an item. Examples include: "(Item) to (location)!" "Could I get (item) to (location)?" Likewise, if you back out of a sale after committing, you will receive negative feedback.
- If you've read and understood the rules and conditions above, please tell me your favorite animal somewhere in your post. Otherwise, click on the image below to be redirected and leave your orders there. Thanks and have a wonderful day! :)

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