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New Items Up for Claims, Eeveelution Pokemon Time Arrival/Payments Information

Hello everyone! :) The Eevees have arrived! (Still waiting on a few things that should arrive tomorrow, but the majority of the stuff is in.) I've started giving everyone their totals. I replied to comments on the original post, so be sure to check back and make sure you pay! If you haven't gotten your total yet, you'll probably be getting it tomorrow evening. Anything that was not originally claimed on the post is available for sale at the same price.

I also was successful in placing the Eeveelution Necklace order! I was able to secure everyone's necklaces, including the ones on the waitlist. :)

Also, I have a few new items up for claims, including some of the new Secret Base charms, and other new items! I also have Eeveelu pop-up notes, and you can claim just a single character's notes instead of the whole set if you like! :) Also, if you're looking for something new that's not pictured but is available on, feel free to let me know and I can see about possibly securing it for you. :) Just ask and I can determine the pricing. 6/29/2015 - Going to be placing a new order including the Magikarp TCG boxes.


(*) Feedback here, sales permission granted in 2009 by lineaalba.
(*) I am a slow shipper. Items can take 1-2 weeks to ship out.
(*) NEW SHIPPING POLICY. I am charging exact shipping as estimated by USPS website, plus fees. But on the bright side, you don't have to pay anything for packing products! (And trust me, I spend a lot of money in tape, haha.) Quotes are obviously allowed, but please feel free to ballpark it yourself. $2.54 + fees is the lowest shipping will ever be for domestic, just FYI, so please don't ask for a quote and then be surprised. International is obviously going to be more.
(*) All items will ship from the US. Estimated time of arrival to me is around July 3-5. Payment will only be taken once items are IN HAND. Payment due within 24 hours of receiving your total. A claim is a commitment! Can be combined with any sales items.

Special Magikarp!Pikachu TCG Box - $35 (Will arrive to me around July 10-11th. I cannot estimate shipping on this item because I don't know how much the final package will weigh. It's almost a pound, so expect international shipping would be high and US shipping at least $6-9.)

Unavailable until further notice.

Pokemikke Bag x2 - $25 each
Dimensions: 30cm×21cm×9cm

Contest Mascot Plush - $16

Pikachu Caribiner/Key Clip - $10 each (pink, blue, yellow)

Hoenn Starters + Swablu Charms - $13 for the set, OR $4 per charm.
Set 1 Claims: yellowmudkip - The Set
Set 2 Claims:

Secret Base Charms, Pikachu, Clefairy, Lapras, and Wailmer: $4 per charm, or $13 for a set.
Set 1 Claims: pkmnexcavation - Lapras, kitzune - Clefairy, anti_pineapple - Wailmer, Pikachu unavailable in Set 1
Set 2 Claims:

Johto Starters + Ditto Charms - $4 per charm, or $13 for a set.
Set 1 Claims: viaticvenusaur - Chikorita, pkmnexcavation - Ditto, pkmnsuicune - Cyndaquil, aarux - Totodile
Set 2 Claims:

Eevee Pokemon Time Pop-Up Notes Set - $15 for a set, $3 for a particular character's notes only.
chaos_21, tdotakichan - Full Sets
coiffwaff - Eevee Only, lovestyle - Espeon only, deadfishie - Vaporeon only

Other Orders

dukeburger - Substitute Phone Case - $28
chaos_21 - Eevee Pokemon Time Tape ($10) and Sketchbook ($12)

Tags: chikorita, clefairy, cyndaquil, ditto, eevee, lapras, mudkip, sales, slowpoke, swablu, torchic, totodile, treeko, wailmer
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