lilac_latte (lilac_latte) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Recent gets + question!

Hi everyone! I'm still new around here, but I just thought I'd share that last month, I visited Japan for the first time and of course, that included a Pokemon Center visit! I didn't pick up much since I'm really mostly a Generation 1 sucker, but it was fun anyway!

Picked up a token Pikazard, of course! I wanted an 'angry face' one, but they didn't have any! Also, a tiny lil Bulbasaur, my favorite starter!

And...the teeniest, tiniest,

...angry Pikazard ever! These were in gacha machines just outside the store :)

So now I came across this carabiner, which I think is the cutest thing ever, but it's very pricey? If anyone could tell me more about it or, if you happen to be selling one, please let me know!

Tags: 1st gen, gets, pikachu, pokemon center
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