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More slots open for drawing commissions! <3

Hello everyone :) <3

I´m just posting because I finished all commissioned drawings from my post last month, so I can open new slots! Yay!
I also make a big change about my commission rules, so you have more options and a better pricing! ^-^ As it was in my last post, shipping & paypal fees are free! Also I have more pokemon examples now.

General Rules:
★ Sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
★ My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=pikabulbachu
★ I ship from germany worldwide!
★ I accept paypal only
★ Prices are in USD
★ I ship without insurance and I'm not responsible for lost packages. Please tell me before you are committed/buying if you want insurance and I will give you a quote.
★ Please note: International shipping may take up to a month or longer in exception!
★ No trades atm, sorry!

Commission Rules & Prices:
★ Please make clear if you just want a quote or if you are committed - committed means you get a slot immediately!
★ Please do not back out of your commission once you got a slot. I will leave negative feedback...Because my work would be for nothing then!
★ If you ask for a quote/are committed - in both cases I will ask you about more details if required and you will get your total you would pay (I do not make any renegotiation because it would be unfair)
★ When I finished your commission, I will show it to you and give you my email-adress for the payment. I will let you know when I shipped it out after receiving payment!
★ Please keep in mind that your commission may take a week up to a month, depending on the commission :3
- Small size (for up to 2 pokemon, no humans): uncolored: 4$, colored: 6$ (background is free if you want one!)
- Medium size (for up to 3 pokemon & max. 1 human): uncolored: 7$, colored: 9$ (background is +2$)
- Big size/ near A4 (infinite quantity of pokemon and humans): uncolored start by 9$, colored start by 13$ (price depends on the quantity of pokemon/humans, on the background etc. because its so much possible to draw on this size!)

If it is too much complicated, just ask! I can give you a quote for anything you want! :3

Additional Infos:
♥ I draw on aquarell paper, because its much thicker than normal paper!
♥ I'm using FarberCastell colored pencils (crayons)
♥ The uncolored sketches are also made with crayons and not with pencil
♥ I cut them out like in my examples! If you wish a special format and not round or so, please tell me :)

I´m opening 5 slots for now, up to 2 drawings per person.

1. Partywooper
2. Clair2522





Thank you all for reading this and have a great day! ^_^
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