Arboking (chromapika) wrote in pkmncollectors,

MonCollé: some Legendaries & a Special guest

I haven't received a lot of figures recently, so I'm happy to add some to my collection :)

Can you guess who's the Special Guest ?

But first we have some legendaries

Both Kyogre have movable fins, but the Primal's ones look a bit cheap. They are thin but above all the mechanism is visible and not totally stable :/

I put them on their shelf and thus took some pictures.


And now let's end with the Special figure...

Obviously it's one of the 1,000 Shiny Mega Gengar Tretta packs.
I'm so happy *o* I love Shiny Pokémon and I really appreciate this white color with pink shading. The figure is really nice but very small too haha Now I see how "hyper" sized the legendaries are %) Also I really like the pearly Tretta. However the Mega ring is definitely a toy: the plastic is not very high quality. But it is nice though and fits to my wrist haha
I hope I'll be able to get the Rayquaza pack too :3

Thank you for reading :)

You can see more pictures on my collection website o/

I also have a Fb page (don't hesitate to like and comment ^^):
Tags: figures, gengar, groudon, kyogre, pokemon, rayquaza, zygarde

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