SK (skdarkdragon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Extra Eevees! And gets! And wants!

Hi all! Everyone should have their totals now from the Mega Eeveelution Claims Post. If I missed you for whatever reason, please message me and I'll get you a total straight away. Most paid items have already been shipped out, too! :) So expect your Eevees in the mail very soon.

I'm so thrilled with my own gets! <3 I'm a light Umbreon and Flareon collector, so I mostly kept their items. I have everything except the Umbreon T-shirt and the Flareon candy tin. If anyone has those and is looking to trade for something on my post, please let me know! <3 Also, for those who have un-bedazzled their tins, did you just peel the rubbery part off easily? I feel like it will come off without a problem, but want to be sure before I try. XD;

<3 That Secret Strap!

And since I ended up with a few extra Eeveelu items, including T-shirts and Candy Tins, I've made a new post for these! Can be combined with anything from my sales post or from my recent new item claims post. (I also have new items available on the claims post.) Sorry, but pre-existing Eeveelu orders have already been shipped and/or packed for the post part, so they cannot be combined! ;.;

Snippity Snip!Collapse )

Also! I got a TON of mini models again. If you're a 151 collector, let me know and I can sort out the ones you may be looking for. :)

Thanks for looking! <3
Tags: sales, wants
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