Samantha G. Olson (anuvia) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Samantha G. Olson

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Alrighty Guys- Umbreon Pokedoll w/tags

It's time to pay the bills and thanks to the economy, I'll be running a little short.

So, I'm going to offer up my Umbreon Pokedoll, complete with tags :D

I'm thinking I should let him go for $25? The cheapest I've seen them going for is near $50 @_@

So, he's $28 with shipping to anywhere :D


First come, First serve <3

Also, I can only take paypal at the moment, sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry guys, he's been claimed. Thanks for all the interest and check up often, as I have a bunch of pokedolls I'll be parting with soon to make the bills XD;
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