kodiwolfy (kodiwolfy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A small get

Yesterday, I got my package arrived from Japan.
Its not some asdfghjkl package but I need to ask something here :)

Here is the package box..

Well, I don't think its 'small' xD

But I don't have enough patient to take photos of box open-process, so here what I got..

My main collection is Dewott, but I started to collect Shinx line too. This lot I got luckily at start bid auction from Y!J (whole lot for 500 yen!) XD
What I wanna ask is about this guy..

Because I plan to get the Shinx only and gonna sell the others (not here of course, I don't have sales permission). While the others are pretty common shiny DX plushes, I don't get a lot information about shiny Raichu DX nowadays, even from any Japan site.

My question is, is this guy pretty rare by now? How much this guy worth now?
His condition isn't mint though. There's still the hang tag but the stitch on his tail and left foot got loose.
Because I wanna sell them locally, which is pretty cheap in my country, if this guy is really rare, I think I'm gonna keep him or maybe put him on ebay :P

Thanks for reading :)
Tags: raichu, shinx, staraptor
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