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new pokecen releases gets!!!

so recently i spent a bomb on the new pokecen releases... the seller was going to japan personally and i collected them 2 days after they released so i'm really excited!! hopefully this isn't considered posting too much (my previous post is off the 1st page) but i had some questions to ask about some of the merchandise.

huuuge bag!! (the seller had written the price on the bag to remind himself but it also reminds me of my empty wallet..)

here they are!!! it may not be considered a huge purchase to some people but this is my biggest purchase yet. (ʘᗩʘ’)
the seller included many free gifts too but i'll get to that later~~

First up, swablu!! its butt is much rounder than expected?! the photo that I saw made it look as if the bottom of this plush is completely flat. it's super cute though!!! even my non pokemon-fan friends fell in love with it!!!

cyndaquil and mudkip!! the mudkip plush was released long ago but i thought to myself... if i'm going to get cyndaquil i might as well collect all of the starters that i used! (rip wallet).

as i thought, cyndaquil is a new member of the faceplant plush family :( surprisingly, mudkip is too.

totally no regrets though, because mudkip is super soft and way less derpy looking than i thought it would be. (though his mud whisker(??) things keep slapping cyndaquil in the face when i place them next to each other)

aaand cosplay pikachu!!! i was so happy when these came back in stock because i had been eyeing this pikachu for a looong time. i considered buying them online but the long wait and unregistered shipping made me hesitant. luckily the seller was able to get this for me!! pikachu is smaller than i thought she would be, but much cuter and seems to enjoy belly button exposure?! (her shirt is so high up, wow)

eevee things!!! actually, this was a huge surprise to me because the only thing i bought from this picture was the file! the tote bag and the baby star ramen was a gift from the seller, so i was really really happy!! i really wanted the tote bag too but i didn't want to spend that much on a bag that was technically given free at the center. i'm still not sure if i should use this bag or just keep it in the plastic forever, haha.

but i have no idea what the thing inside the ramen snack box is?? i got a sylveon one, is it supposed to be a guaranteed pokemon depending on the box art? i tried to google it but the results just kept showing me things about pokemon cup ramen...

these were all gifts too!!!!! Maybe I was the seller's biggest customer this time.. ;w;
does anyone know whether the file was sold at the center or it's a free gift? I didn't see it in the merchandise lineup for the dokidoki promotion. I have no idea what those 2 packets of things are too (I think the one on the left is a biscuit snack?). I've seen the gachapon slot machine toy before so I was pretty excited to try it out. I got the Groudon version!

for those that have it: is it supposed to be able to fit all the 6 coins? I can only fit in about 3 or 4 coins (with the last one almost out of the machine).

these 3 were from that shooter toy packet (?). chespin looks really cute here, but I don't know how this contraption works at all..? if someone could help out that'll be great, because I'm afraid of breaking it on accident ^^;

new additions to the faceplant plush shelf!!! you're all so cute but so frustrating. ( ಡ ▽ ಡ )/

overall I'm really happy about my purchase!! I doubt I'll be posting again anytime soon, as my wallet needs time to recuperate.

(so sorry for my irregular capitalisation too omg)

Thank you for taking the time to read my post!! I hope everyone has a good day! ᕕ( ՞ ᗜ ՞ )ᕗ
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