raymence (raymence) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Plushies from Japan :D

Hiya :) I recently received a package from Japan. It contained two new Rayquaza plushies to add to my collection. Both of them are from Banpresto. Now I have three of them form the same brand. I believe that's all of the Banpresto Rayquaza plushies? The big new one is the DX version of the smaller one I already had. It really IS big! It's the first Rayquaza plush I have that you can really cuddle with without having to worry about breaking an antenna ^^ I also took a group shot of them together.

The seller also included a free Woobat figure and a cute note on the backside of a colorful Eeevee flat :D He eve added some words in German XD

So far, so good! Happy collecting guys!
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