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(Yet) Another Big Collection Update!

Another busy year has come and gone, and although I haven't been collecting as much as the past year (due to other collections of stuff I've been working on that are non-Pokemon related), I still try and make an update 2-3 times a year here :p Still super behind on my wants, but I can only do so much with my current budgets. (One day I will have to make another large Pokemon Center order, but I still hate how there is no free shipping option v_v Otherwise I would probably do smaller orders there more frequently than large buys. Also sad that they never did return to Amazon for whatever reason...)

Anyhow, here's my latest updates from the past several months.

Also, quick link to my eBay sales that still has a few days left to go! I will also be adding a few cards to the lot, couple flats, and a few new TCG online codes to it as well.
See it Here!

Ok, onto the cut of new gets!!


Got this from one of those daily tshirt sites. Teefury I think it was? Really liked the design for this and the Kyogre, but went with Groudon.

Remember when Amazin still oferred Pokemon Center goods? Yeah :( Got this as a single purchase since I really liked the design at the time, but that PC shipping before... I haven't worn it yet, but I really like it :)

Tag for it was cute so had to get a quick shot of it :)

*sigh* Pics doing that sideways thing again... Anyways, was working on my TCG promo backlog and picked this up with a TRU credit I had.

Nothing too amazing here.

Had no idea how pricey This set was, but it did come with A LOT of stuff!

Nothing too amazing here, but 2 promos, a jumbo, and a flip coin are nice :) Forgot to picture the play mat, but a piece of the set that I'm selling in the lot.

no title

I was one of many that got their orders cancelled of TRU.com originally -_- After a few hangups when calling CS, I ended up getting a $5 coupon towards the new reinstated order. Yeah, I'll accept that after the hassle! Glad I got one though :)

Worked on some of my backlog promo cards and got these pre-releases off eBay when they finally came down to a good price.

Had these on my eBay watch list for a while since I really wanted the pins! Didn't start collecting them right away, but went back and had to get these ones :)

Nothing too amazing.

Also nothing too amazing.

Oh hey!!! ...one of the few EX I already have and it's a double >_> Booooo!!!

There were... some hurdles in getting this guy through the post office. Long story, but the good thing is that I FINALLY got him!!

Another backlogged item. Think I got it with some Amazon credit I had.

2 EXs?! Probably the BEST I've ever had in one set!! :D

...apparently I missed this and saw it in a Walmart when I took a peak at their cards. Didn't even know this one came out! Really am behind :p

....a good choice 0_0

Didn't know there was 3 promos in that one deck set. Really didn't want the decks, so just got the promos off eBay.

Mega Charizard X zukan! But I don't really collect zukan anymore (just one more collection and I got tired of the teeny pieces and many with bad paint jobs) so it's also listed on my lot sale. I did have it on display for a little bit though :)

I saw that a BUNCH of new Tomy super and hyper sized figures were coming up, but it SUCKS waiting for TRU to get them in and constantly checking... then I saw Amazon had pretty much all of them in, first party too! M Banette does NOT like standing up, even on the stand.

I really really like M Ampheros!

Along with the double pack were some singles that either didn't come with sets, or I already owned most of what was in the 4 piece sets.

Great figure :)

Been waiting a while for this one to get localized :)

Pretty sure M Gardevoir only came as a set, so got this.

Gengar's eyes I think were painted as derp. Unless you angle him a specific way >_>

Mostly doubles in this pack, but another way to only get M Scizor in it, I believe.

When Lucario was first released in NA, I searched and searched, but was the 2nd BW series (I believe it was) that didn't get as widespread as the others for whatever reason, Later re-released as a catchball that I didn't want, but raised the price. Amazon also had them (first party, surprisingly) for a good price. In this case, YES I'll just get the import! Finally!!!! (Even Toywiz sold out when they dropped the price for a while and did my order with it taken out...)

Not localized yet I don't think, but I really wanted M Absol and it was the same price as Lucario :) I do like the bundle sets, because you get the regular MonColle as well for only a couple dollars more. Good value, but I'll single when it's the only option.

Quick shot of them out of their packaging :) Didn't include the doubles, though.

These were REALLY cheap from a seller on Amazon! I of course prioritze the figure sets! Glad I never got the Japan pre-order bonuses for ORAS.

Nothing amazin, but love the figure :)

The groudon set.

Once again nothing great, but the figure :)

Here's a promo I've been wanting for a LONG time. Never came to the US (although I heard a couple did manage to trickle its way in to a couple locations) and prices for it were always super high. It finally went down to $15 and I nabbed it. Ugh, that was when TCG distribution was a pain in the butt.

Import I had to do because it's a pain when TPCI will do jumbo cards/figures for one reason and not another :/ Not sure why NA gets figures and EU gets jumbos. Why can't both regions get both?? I still can't find the M Charizard jumbo cards for a good price (but if you have them or know where I can get just the cards for a good price, PLEASE let me know!! They are a high-priority want for me, but I do not want to spend top dollar on them either :/)

I wanted to be a bit on track and not make more of a purchase backlog, so go these packs right away.

Nothing amazing here.

Likewise here.

This card right here... I had NO IDEA how rare and expensive it would get! eBay had it for like $50+ when they slowly started popping up. I decided to check out some 3rd party Amazon sellers. One had it sealed and I asked if it contained the card (guess there's a sticker on the plastic wrap that shows it) and it DID! :D I didn't want the movie (another item I stuck in my lot sale...) but I am SO GLAD I got this card at a great price!! If another else is looking for it, I recommend doing the same and asking. You never know!

I lined up VERY EARLY at Target for this puff! Met some other Amiibo fans and line and it was fun! Got mine secured :)

I was one of the lucky people who happened to wake up around midnight when this showed up on pre-order. Amiibo distribution is still the biggest pain ever :/

Got Charizard on the same order. The others in my cart sold out as I was checking out so it was only these +$6 shipping. Ew. Better safe than sorry though :/

Grabbed this in Target but never saw any of the Heliolisk packs. Soon, hopefully.

...apparently I have been VERY lucky with the one packs!!

Been meaning to get this and just did last week. Still need to play ORAS too >_>

Finally found this GS exclusive!

Boo. Oh well, got my pin :)

Didn't realize this was already out at GS! I get GS points right now too, so why need. Need dat figure!!

Nada, but it's a really really nice figure!! :)

That's all for now! Hopefully I can pick up more of those backlogged TCG wants at some point before they explode in price or get hard to find or whatever >_> Once again, if you know where to get BOTH the Mega Charizard X/Y jumbo cards for a GOOD price, please lemme know!! :)
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