Lila (shaymin) wrote in pkmncollectors,

typhlosion collection update and back from the con!

long time no see! :) i've been away for a while and it's given me time to update my collection!
i was recently at florida supercon and managed to get some cool things from the con (most isnt pokemon tbh)

but first things first, my typhlosion collection and the kingdom it has now become ♥

my typhlosion collection used to be this

and has now evolved into THIS

and some closeups~

i'm painfully aware the quilava plush and the front typhlosion are bootlegs, but you can only do so much when your favorites have so few plushes (or none, in quilava's case)

time to show off my vacation merch!

first off a tomy talking eevee! it's used, but i can paint over the scuff marks. i'm not actually sure if it still works, does anyone know what kind of batteries this little guy takes?

two pikachu! okay, well the larger one was a gift to myself that arrived the week before i left. i went to see Inside Out with my friend and i took him along, he's so chubby and squishy i couldn't put him down!
the smaller one was won from dave and busters! 400 tickets, good lord

sylveon bottle cap opener i've had my eye on for a while (i still collect sylveon on the side)

a wall scroll i got as a gift ;3; i still love first gen

and finally, a my pokemon collection Ampharos!
i've named her Floofy, since it's a personal tradition to name all my ingame Ampharos "Floofy"

thanks for looking, and sorry for the long post!

Tags: ampharos, cyndaquil, eevee, pikachu, quilava, sylveon, typhlosion
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