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☆Lumis Pokémon Collection☆

This is my first collection post. :3 My collection is definately not the biggest or most impressive, but I still love every single cuddly plushie I've got. ^__^

I used to have around 140+ plushies a couple of weeks ago. Now, I'm down to about 40. I sold most of my collection for a few reasons;

1. It was getting waaaay crowded.

2. I started collecting Pokémon merch a few year back. I am only 18, and when younger I did not have all that much money so I would buy most plushies used. Most of them were in horrid condition. D':

3. I'm a neat freak. I like things clean, stainless and new. ♡ Especially my plushies. :3

So, I hope you enjoy my tiny collection. ^^ I added some wants at the bottom of this post, since I really want to get them when I have the money. :) New (/mint) and shiny, of course. :3

My figures ☆

These are all Tomy and Jakks figures. They are in excellent condition. I bought them used. Only the Mantyke has some colored pencil stains I cannot get off.

Takara Tomy Eeveelutions ☆

I got these for myself for my 18th birthday. :3 They are all clean and new with their tags attached. I love them. ♡ I was surprised with the poor quality if Sylveons feelers, though. :/ The colored ends are not fabric but paint, and it's definately peeling and cracking. A shame. I always trusted Takara Tomy to have high quality products.

My favorites ☆

These are my favorite plushies in my collection. :3

♡Banpresto UFO May's Bulbasaur♡

Bulbasaur is one of my favorite starters of all time, and I just LO-O-OOVE this little one! :3 With the heart pattern on her forehead and holding the little sprout... ♡ This baby is ultimate cuteness!

♡Hasbro Spheal Beanie♡

Ok, what's not to love about Spheal? ADORABLE! >u< This plush is super silky soft and I could just hold him in my hands and cuddle him forever. ♡ When I saw this plush for a reasonable price on eBay, I HAD to get it right away. The seller said it's like new... well, it might be hard to tell from the pictures, but the plush is covered in stains that look like... cola? They're sticky and smell sugary. NOWHERE did the seller mention the stains. Ugh. I just could not sell him. ♡ I hope I find a better cleaner version soon. :)

♡I Love Eevee Super DX Glaceon♡

Glaceon is my favorite Eeveelution, and one of my favorite Pokémon of all time. :) And Ice is my favorite type, too! I have two other Glaceon plushies, but this is the best one. This is a high quality plush. Super silky and shiny. It's 10" tall so it's a good sized plush too. ^^ I love how it's kinda more pastel blue than Glaceon usually is. :3 I adore pastel colors. ♡ This Glaceon is my absolute favorite!

♡Banpresto Meowth Taffeta♡

What's so special about this one? :D Well, I got it from my boyfriend. ^^ He got it from a fleamarket and it is worn and stained. I still love it SO MUCH. ♡ It sleeps on my bed with me. :3

Custom Plushies ♡

All of these are made by me and are a part of my collection. I have made so many I can't even count them, but all the others I have sold. I am concidering selling these as well, to make room for more official plushies, but I'm not sure yet.

And the rest! ☆

I decided to just stack all the rest of my plushies in one picture. :) This is not how I store them, but I am currently doing one of my crazy cleaning sprees, wich includes disinfecting their shelves etc. Did I mention I'm a neat freak? :'D

That is all the Pokémon merch I have right now. Well, I do have cards and games, but they're just kinda there for me to play with. ^__^

☆☆☆ My biggest wants ☆☆☆

I have a gazillion wants, but these are highest on my list. :3

☆Takara Tomy Vulpix Egg
☆Banpresto 10" Pumpkaboo
☆Any and all Pitapokés

Thank you so so sooo much for taking a look at my first collection post. >u< I know I blabber a lot... I am just super excited to get to be a part of this community. :) Evergone is so kind, helpful and happy. ♡ I love it here!

*big Pokéfan hugs*

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