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Clefairy and Shadow Lugia Offers || Shiny Raikou Pokedoll on eBay

Hello again!

Today, I have a Clefairy PlushPlush and a Shadow Lugia Pokédoll up for offers. I'm not going to bother with threads this time. Just make a new comment stating which item you want to make an offer for and how much.

Sales Policy
- Sales permission from entirelycliched since April 2013.
- Feedback:
- I ship from Australia and usually ship via Economy Air Mail, but for items that are $100 and over, tracking will be required.
- I can be a slow shipper! I usually ship in bulk so I have to settle all transactions first before finalising shipment.
- I am not responsible for any lost/damaged parcels.
- Please ask any and all questions before you commit/bid on anything.
- Payment plans can be arranged. Please contact me before bidding.
- End time for offers is Friday, July 3 at 9am AEST. Countdown is here.

Clefairy PlushPlush - Starts at $350
- Mint with all tags

Shadow Lugia (2009 US ver.) - Starts at $90
- Mint with all tags
- Tag has a small crease and is curved slightly

I'd prefer to sell these before the end time honestly, so you have a better chance of me accepting your offer if it is made now rather than on Friday.

Also, I have put up my MWT Shiny Raikou Pokédoll on eBay. This is mainly for people who are not on the comm to have a chance at buying this. So if you know anyone looking for one, you can let them know of this listing. If anybody here is interested, I am now selling this for $350 shipped anywhere in the world.

Please click the photo to be transported to the eBay listing.

Thanks for looking!
Tags: clefairy, lugia, offers, plush, pokedoll
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