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Introduction + Gets Post.

Good Afternoon Pokémon collectors! Long time viewer, first time poster here :)

Brief summary of my Pokemon history. Been an avid fan of Pokémon since the early 90's, spending all my time as a child either playing the Pokémon games or rushing home to watch the aníme. Also got myself into the TCG and had a large collection of cards until losing them some time after :(

I spend most of my Pokémon related time nowadays breeding Pokémon and battling them online until recently being persuaded into starting my own Pokémon collection by a current member (you know who you are :P) As for the Pokémon themselves, I'd have to say my favorite Pokémon is Salamence, followed closely by Gyarados, Tyrantrum and Rampardos.. basically anything Dragon/Dinosaur related :)

I've decided to start collecting anything fossil Pokemon related and as this is a new collection, it's not nearly as impressive as some of the ones I've seen on the comm. Though hopefully my collection will continue to grow now that I'm a full fledged member of Pokémon collectors. Anyway I digress.. Onto the Gets!!! (Warning, Picture Heavy Cut)

First up, a cute little Tyrunt XY Movie Banpresto plush

Followed up by his rivals Amaura + Aurorus, My Pokemon Collection Banpresto

Anorith Retsuden Stamper, look at that little face..

He's such a little shrimp!!!

2x Omastar, Omanyte, Kabutops and Aerodactyl Chibi Stampers

Omanyte Clear Kid Figure

Omanyte Clear Kid Figure again... at a private disco?

MIP Omastar Tomy + Helix Fossil

An Ultra Pro Card Binder, to store new additions to my collection!

Back cover of the card Binder

Here we have a Dome Fossil Card from the Diamond + Pearl Majestic Dawn Set and a Mysterious fossil Ex Holon Phantoms edition.

Here we have, in binder, a Pokemon 2015 Pokemon Card Gym Tournament Tyrantrum EX Holofoil Promo Card, Kabuto (Fossil Set) Kabuto (Ex Holon Phantoms) -Kabutops (Ex Holon Phantoms) Cards
Closer inspection of that Tyrantrum card. Such awesome artwork!

And lastly, a full shot of my current collection.

I thank you all for reading and look forward to spending more time on the comm. Also stayed tuned sellers! I'll have a big wants post up soon.

Good Day :)
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