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Brianna Morrow

(Much of) A Collector's Pride

I just want to deticate this post to the figures in my collection that I get a weird sense of admiration when I look at them :), they're in no particular order of my proudness of ownership~ (however pride doesn't always equal love) (of course all my emolgas, but I only put my top two) :


Well, I won a (VERY) big lot of pokemon figures and I found this little pika, and I threw it with the other 30+ pikas I had (sold 20+ on ebay as a lot a month or two ago XD)... but something was different about it, a tomy with pegs? Huh. So I kept it... and soon after I found something that I thought was a Jakks Sunny Cherrim petal, but when I tried to match it up, it was wrong so I threw it in my basket of broken and/or useless parts,
when I was sorting through those pieces, I saw two little square holes jUsT lIkE tHe PEGS AAAAAA SURFING PIKACHU, two and two was put together that day to make the figure that makes my chest burst with pride every time I see it ♥♡♥♡

ReAlIsTiC EmOlgA!?

This little thing... words wow it's vbajdowhqhf so proud of this critter how I do love it and how odd it is
I found this lil bugger on Etsy a few years ago, actually and I stared and stared at it and then I suddenly had money WHOA, it was originally $45 but I haggled at $30 and they accepted c:
so my years of longing have finally come to an end and I have her in my paws ♥♡♥♡

Old BK Mew wind-up toy

So this adorable thing went up in a lot of three (a big bakery craft charmander and a seadra water squirter [just like one my sis had!]) on eBay and the mew was just really adorable and I bought them right away! It's really fun to watch it walk-not just forwards, but backwards too! :O When the tail is up, it goes normal, but that lovely tail is a lever, pull it back to the ground and there it gows backwards aaaaa it's awesome! >u<

Meemaw and Zorua movie figure

(Bought from tdotakichan) When a bunch of figures I thought not much of when I bought (except for a squishy Giratina ["ironically" called Squishy haha] for yevetai, ), came in, I was not expecting something so rare and so amazing, I mean LOKKIT THAT ZORUA'S LIL FACE AAAA so cuteeeeee ♥o♥
And Meemaw is in the same position as many Zoroark figures I've seen but she's cute too c:


(Bought from nosidamsucram) To start, this MINKY pokedoll was only FIFTEEN DOLLARS *SCREECHES*
I've never actually seen an Emolga pokedoll before now except fakes, but when I saw this plush I committed to this thing faster than one could say "supercalifragilisticexpalidocious" or maybe just "butter" haha
It's real and it's beautiful and it makes me one of the happiest of emolga collectors :3

♥♡♥And here's some other amazing critters that I don't have time to write paragraphs about♥♡♥:

Mr.Chunky the Squishy Ichiban Kuji Prize Raikou (bought from pkmnexcavation)

Dex/footprint figure Wurmple (bought from augi_chan [I think])

Rayquaza kid

My darling Blazie the JAKKS Blaziken

Pikachu Pokedoll Figure (bought from splash)

Golden JAKKS Chikorita (given to me by yevetai)

Gardevoir and Gallade (traded to me by yevetai (they also painted the lil Gallade for me yaay)

Old BK Charizard Plush (Given to me by my sister when she went to college)

Why are these pichus SO ADORABLE??? @_@

I have also decided that I need as many of these as possible. I don't know what kind of figures they are and I don't care. I'm setting aside $25 from my next paycheck (getting it Saturday,) for these little critters so offer 'em up! Pm's are fine too :D

Also here's a little dose of cute (took off all the tags before giving it to my kitten (and took off the string after the picture) cause it's missing a foot already amyway c: )
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