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One-Time Rare Plush Offers + Sales!

Happy upcoming July 4th weekend!~~ Getting pumped to go to Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions in San Jose in a couple weekends! Definitely want to get a shirt, mighttttt consider other things there but considering the prices, I dunno. xD;;;

Anyway, first up is a Victini lot I put up recently~
Click for Victini eBay lot! SOLD, thank you so much! :)

Second, a few rare plush for offers! I got these recently and I'm a bit on the fence about keeping them for various collection reasons.
I hesitate to let go of them, but if there's a collector out there who wants them enough to offer, I'll be glad to let go xD

Up for offer!:
Arceus Giant TOMY MWT
White/Black Kyurem Pokemon Center Set
Lugia PakiPaki posable (Super rare USA release, all joints intact)

- I was granted Sales Permission on 9/19/14 by entirelycliched.
- Offer prices are before shipping/paypal fees.
- Each offer is a COMMITMENT (payment required within 48 hrs after offers end and I send a total, unless I've approved otherwise). Backing out of an offer is automatic negative feedback and blacklisting from future sales.
- I won't accept offers from anyone with previous negative feedback about offers/commitments.
- If you want to offer but need more time to pay, please communicate the timeframe you need (In comments/questions comment) and I will consider on a case by case basis whether to recognize as an official offer.
- The rest of my sales rules and pkmncollectors sales rules apply.
- You're encouraged to combine with anything from my Sales post!
- End time for offers is July 13 (Monday), 10pm PST.
Countdown here

- If no qualifying offers are made by the deadline I will be keeping these for my personal collection and not putting them up for sale again!

Arceus Giant TOMY MWT
Offers starting at $170

White/Black Kyurem Pokemon Center Set (not splitting), both in beautiful condition TTO
(It's such a shame there are so many booties of these guys on eBay =_=)
Offers starting at $100 for both

Lugia PakiPaki posable (Super rare USA release, all joints intact)
(I have the original JP release which I keep telling myself is great by itself, but the unique SMILE the USA release has is soooo tempting to keep. The JP one is almost frowning on the other hand)
Offers starting at $80

Shipping starts at $10 domestic USA for Arceus or the White/Black Kyurem set, $6 for Lugia. Approximately double and more for international.

Lastly, sales plug! Massive plush updates!

Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
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