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Collection Post and Finally Sales!

The prommised collection post is here! Warning, its image heavy!
Starting with the sylveons

I'm not really sure why they uploaded out of order but its a small collection of things. Pokedoll, sitting pokecen sylveon, a bootie, and the dx who's ribbon refuses to point outwards. Teeny Tiny lone Zukan figure. A buton, a couple prints, and the big paper on the bottom is a drawing of mine.
Now the glaceons!

Now theres lots more here. i won't list on this one, allthough at one point i used to have names for each and every one of the plush. I can't remember them anymore though> < Well no i remember two. The standing pokecen one was named valentina because she was my valentines day gift to mself, and the ligit pokedoll is named Roxy because i realy realy realy liked that name. the perler bead sprites where made by my boyfriend before he was my boyfriend. Then the fan was a gift i thaught looked really really good right there:b

And now somewhat of sales.
Sales permission granted by Entirleychilled on 7/27/2013
and im finally using it in 2015 >.<
Okay so i can't offer a whole lot yet. i'm working on building up inventory and really should have asked more questions at the print shop, but i do have some eeveelution prints. one size right now, hoping to broaden that size range. Thats the downfall of the whole, not asking enough questions part. I don't have all of the eeveelutions, but do not fear. If your faveorite is not up yet it will be soon enough. the more you buy, the quicker i can offer stickers! These are made to order. The etsy shop is here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AroundThePokeblock?ref=shopinfo_shophome_leftnav
These are the prints i'm offering now, sorry for photo quality. there are better photosof each individualy on the listing.

Thankyou for reading! Kaela~
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