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Quick Sales!

Hello everyone! :3 I´m just coming with some quick sales. Sorry for the boring post haha but I have some paypal issues so I decided to make this quick sales post now.

★ Sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
★ My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=pikabulbachu
★ I ship from germany worldwide!
★ I accept paypal only
★ Prices are in USD
★ I ship without insurance and I'm not responsible for lost packages. Please tell me before you are committed/buying if you want insurance and I will give you a quote.
★ Please note: International shipping may take up to a month or longer in exception! Also due to postal strikes here in germany it may take a longer time!

Very cute applecandy tin! (without candys) Its very old, from 2009! So its hard to get!
Features Pikachu, pichu and phanpy and its original from the pokemon center. Its in good conditon! Just minimal scratches.
10$ shipped to anywhere OBO

5$ shipped to anywhere (sry but shipping is 4,50$ by itself >_<)
Very used espeon tomy figure (100% authentic, got from the comm)
She have many scratches with color fading in the face and color fading on the body! She seems to be very old and played.
Maybe for a repaint?

NON-Pokemon Sales:
I have MLP custom art for sale! You can find it here: http://pikabulbachu.livejournal.com/6594.html

I also have some slots open from my last art commissions post! If youre interested, here is the link to my old post:

Thank you all for looking guys! <3 Have a great day!
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