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Tom(an)y Fakes in my life! XD

Yep it's another Tomy figure fake check! XD Thanks to everyone who helped out last time with my Shellder and Cloyster one! :) I think the general consensus was that Shellder was real, but something defo wasn't right with Cloyster's face. I got both in a cheap lot though so not heartbroken. These two figures, however, I paid a decent amount of money for, so I really need to discover if they're fake or not! :/ This time it's two figures who I've been searching for for quite some time: Furret and Houndour. I received both of them in the mail today, however, something doesn't seem right...

Here they are! :D From the front both seem okay! :) However, as you can see, their paint jobs are really sloppy. Furret's brown bits haven't been painted to the lines, and Hondours grey bits have gone over the lines and onto his feet.

The sloppy paint is even more noticeable when we turn Furret around. There also seems to be a bit of raised paint on the closest brown bit to the end of the tail, perhaps where some was spilt?

Houndour's grey bits on his back are very noticeably underpainted. There is also an uneven, puckered bit of orange paint on his stomach.

Finally, the bit I am most suspicious about. When I had a fake Ditto Tomy, one of the ways to determine it was fake was that it was uneven along the joining lines. As you can see, Furret has uneven lines along its tail, and right there on its head is a nice, raised splodge.

Of course, I know these are old figures. I'm not a quality control expert, but I'm pretty sure none of the legit figures I've owned have had painting errors this bad! :/ Please let me know what you think in the comments! :) I would like to get this matter resolved as quickly as possible so that I can contact the seller if they prove to be fakes. Thanks for your help! :)
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