hantsukihaunter (hantsukihaunter) wrote in pkmncollectors,

1st & 2nd Gen Focus Auctions + New Sales Additions

Just a reminder that the auction featuring some wonderful 1st & 2nd gen goods will be ending tonight at 10PM EST. There's quite a few items that still haven't received bids yet as well as everything else is still at their starting bid. Be sure to have a look. ^^ Click the preview picture below to be redirected please!

I've also added many new items (especially Pokedex figures, Chou Gets, Pencil Toppers, Bandai figures among all kinds of other stuff) to my sales post. I've added so much in fact that the post became too large and so I moved most of my US flats to my main flats thread. Please have a look if you're interested so I can clear out old items! It's awfully hard to add new items if there's no more room. XD

Flats Sales Banner.jpgno title
Tags: articuno, auction, charizard, chikorita, cyndaquil, dragonite, hoothoot, houndour, lugia, mewtwo, moltres, pichu, pikachu, sales, snubbull, togepi, totodile, vulpix, zapdos
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