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CLOSED - 7/18 Items Claims Post - Petit Mascots, PC Plush, Kuttari, Monthly Pikachu, Carnival

EDIT: 7/17/2015 - Order has been PLACED! All items are secured except the Hoopa Charms, which were not available. I apologize to anyone who ordered those! I let you know via comments below. Everything else should arrive around August 1st. :)

EDIT: 7/15/2015 - Claims are closed while I prepare to place the order. If you'd like something, please make a claim on my next order post. Thanks!

Hi everyone! :D

I'm sure you heard about the new plush coming out here in two weeks! O_O I'm ecstatic!! Since I will most certainly be placing an order for my friends and I, I thought I'd open up my claims again. These claims are fairly limited, since there is a cap on how many you are allowed to buy of one plush. But I'll offer my services for people wanting Vulpix, Ninentales, Gengar, Mewtwo, and all of the little Kuttari/"Tsum Tsum"-style Pokemon plushies coming out! I'll also take claims for the August monthly Pikachu, Sailor Pikachu! :)

I'm not going to be ordering Snorlax or the large Hoopa plush, since their weight and size is more than I want to deal with. @_@

And please do note that while payment will not be required until the end of the month when they arrive, payment is DUE within 24 hours of receiving your total. I had some people put off payment for days/over a week on my Pokemon Time order, and it was a bit frustrating. x_x

RULES (Please read!)

(*) Feedback here, sales permission granted in 2009 by lineaalba.
(*) I am a slow shipper. Items can take 1-2 weeks to ship out. For these orders, however, I usually get them out within a few days of the box arriving and my receiving payment.
(*) SHIPPING POLICY. I am charging exact shipping as estimated by USPS website, plus fees. But on the bright side, you don't have to pay anything for packing products! (And trust me, I spend a lot of money in tape, haha.) Quotes are obviously allowed, but please feel free to ballpark it yourself. $2.54 + fees is the lowest shipping will ever be for domestic, just FYI, so please don't ask for a quote and then be surprised. International is obviously going to be more.
(*) All items will ship from the US. Estimated time of arrival to me is around August 1st. Payment will only be taken once items are IN HAND. Payment due within 24 hours of receiving your total. A claim is a commitment!

(*) The order will be placed on July 18th. The items will arrive to me around August 1st. Payment will be due when items are in-hand. As usual, you may combine your order with any sales items, or if you want something from a previous post that's still available on Amazon, or contact me personally if there's something else from the website you're interested in. I would rather NOT combine these with any other orders. You can combine with my other sales items, though. (Sales 1, Sales 2)

NEW Pokemon Petite Plush - $12 Each

Dragonite - Claims: gengareric, psyduckfreak
Jirachi - Claims: snarklesparkles
Victini -
Litwick - Claims: midnitesilven, icyshadowblades, plushlosophy
Chandelure - Claims: umbreon96, peppermmints, midnitesilven, plushlosophy

Vulpix $18 - ALL SLOTS FULL
Claims: hantsukihaunter, xhero_24, vulpixen, pepperzark, yellowmudkip, ssjvap, syminka, jagged_steel
Ninetales: $28 - ALL SLOTS FULL
Claims: hantsukihaunter, 12mermaid, stalkingsuicune, xhero_24, chaos_21, hazel_song x2, pepperzark x2
Gengar: $18 - 10 slots total
Claims: pkmnexcavation, umbreon96
Mewtwo: $28 - 10 slots total

Snorlax not available

Hoopa Charm Set - $7
Claims: lone_enigma, diamondphantom, tornup_memories

Kuttari Pokemon - $14 each (10 slots on each one unles otherwise noted)

Raichu (normal) - Claims: erikiteru, mcmc11, yellowmudkip, lucario, syminka, diamondphantom, bandanna_boy_17, ravingkangaroo (ALL SLOTS FULL)
Raichu (sleepy) - Claims: mcmc11, syminka, diamondphantom, aki199257, icyshadowblades, ray_or_rae
Pichu (normal) DELAYED
Pichu (sleepy) DELAYED Claims: m14mouse
Pikachu (normal) - Claims: creampuffoholic, lucario, syminka, bandanna_boy_17
Pikachu (sleepy) - Claims: creampuffoholic, syminka, psyduckfreak, aki199257
Vaporeon (normal) - Claims: natsu_neko, doryphish333, dukeburger, yellowmudkip, ssjvap, syminka, bandanna_boy_17, rarity_skye, sushiibear (ALL SLOTS FULL)
Vaporeon (sleepy) - Claims: natsu_neko, doryphish333, dukeburger, yellowmudkip, lone_enigma, ssjvap, magmanerd, syminka, rarity_skye, aki199257 (ALL SLOTS FULL)
Jolteon (normal) - Claims: erikiteru, doryphish333, chaos_21, syminka
Jolteon (sleepy) - Claims: hantsukihaunter, doryphish333, chaos_21, lone_enigma, ssjvap, syminka
Flareon (normal) - Claims: doryphish333, nasija, lone_enigma, syminka, bandanna_boy_17, kyreon
Flareon (sleepy) - Claims: xhero_24, doryphish333, dukeburger, lone_enigma, syminka
Eevee (normal) - Claims: creampuffoholic, doryphish333, kalivan, eevee_kins, angelaeevee, syminka, bandanna_boy_17
Eevee (sleepy) - Claims: lotad, creampuffoholic, xhero_24, doryphish333, kalivan, eevee_kins, angelaeevee, syminka, icyshadowblades, umbreon96 (ALL SLOTS FULL)

Monthly Pikachu August - $25 (ASSUMING I can make it in time to get the order in. I'll be watching like a hawk, but these sell out instantly. @_@)
Claims: lotad, hantsukihaunter, crasherwake

Carnival Pikachu5=6.jpg

Carnival Pikachu Goods

Economy Bag - $23
Claims: jagged_steel x2
Flat Pouch - $16
Clearfile - $6
Claims: coiffwaff, drzoidburger, syminka
Ring Notebook - $12
Claims: btamamura x2
Standing Memo - $10
Stickers - $9
Claims: coiffwaff

Mini Towel - $12
Claims: jagged_steel

Pikachu Hooded T-Shirts (S/M/L) - $45

Stainless Steal Tumbler - $28
Claims: jagged_steel
Female Pikachu Plush Tail Keychain - $16
Claims: creampuffoholic

"Hugging" Pikachu Plush - $27
Claims: creampuffoholic
Muffler - $14

Mascot Pikachu Speaker Plush (Looks like you can connect it to smart phones or computers to play music through it!) - $35
Claims: creampuffoholic

Tags: eevee, flareon, gengar, hoopa, jolteon, mewtwo, ninetales, pichu, pikachu, pokecen, pokemon center, raichu, sales, vaporeon, vulpix
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