crystalcrossing (crystalcrossing) wrote in pkmncollectors,

2 new gets + photostory!

So a certain Amazon package came today and some Pokemon items were in it! So naturally Sapphire wanted a first look..

Gaaasp, a wild package appeared! And it has that cool Amazon Prime tape on it!

Go, Sapphire! "What's inside, mama? :D"

"I need help opening this ;3;" It's okay Sapphy, you tried!


It's the Cinccino Pokedoll! She's sooooo soft ;o; Her name is Sierra!

But what's this?! Another small box?! Ignore the Animaniacs DVD, that came in the same box :'D


Yasss it's a Heartgold pendant! Heartgold was my first Pokemon game, so why not have a pendant for the main symbol of the game? I'm wearing it to Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions also! and shhhh I got this 4 days ago from Etsy but I didn't want to make a gets post and then make ANOTHER gets post

Sapphire loves her new friend Sierra!

So yes I got something new ;w; Unfortunately it isn't any new Lake Trio merch so my collection is just my little Sapphy :( Someday I will have a big collection!
But for now, I guess I'll have to stick with randomly collecting Pokemon plush that I like xD
Tags: cinccino, gets, plush
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