Tara (slothyshroom) wrote in pkmncollectors,

~New Custom Gets, Collection Update, Sales, Wanted~

I got a special package today! Come see!

So, I've gotten so many customs for my Sylveon collection but I've been neglecting my Hawlucha collection. It was about time I started getting more for my lucha birds. Now, I got a plethora of new customs on the way but these guys got to me this holiday weekend. <3

Check out my newest additions!!!


They're perfect! Look at my babies! ;A; I knew I wanted porportional Hawlucha plush. Similar to the Pokecen plush in style. They're about 9 inches tall, made of minky, have embroidery features and to top it off are jointed! I can pose them doing flying press or being all serious and cool with their arms folded. They did such an excellent job! These are probably the best Hawlucha plush I've ever seen! They're just so accurate. They even have muscles and they have the little triangle patch under their arms which people sometimes forget. The embroidery is very nice. I haven't stopped holding them all day. Just look at those little legs! I love them so much! These were made by talented Teacuplion <3333 I've always wanted to commission them for a plush so I was super lucky when they decided to reopen them out of no where. Aaaaah!

Here's my custom pokedolls next to my jointed plush for size comparion. MPC wanted to be included too and jumped in last minute. (For some reason my photos always look yellowish in my kitchen.)

I have a few more customs coming in soon! Get hyped!


I've updated my collection website, Zigzagoon line finally has it's own poke-time pattern on it's page. I've gotten new Sylveon items that I've taken photos of and updated. I've also added a new tab for the "Doki Doki Contest Live!" promo that recently released. There are new photos and descriptions. :3

Also, I'm always looking for more items over on my want page. <3 I'm after anything of Sylveon and Hawlucha. <3


I still have tons of items for sale, I've lowered prices on some things and added a few other things. I have Poke-Time Eeveelution shirts, tins and straps, plush, pogs and flats! Please check it out. <3

I also lowered my prices on some lots I'm selling over on Ebay, again!

Annnnd, I still have some poke-goods over on my storenvy if anyone is interested.

That's all for now! More soon when I get new stuff.

Tags: auction, custom, eevee, eeveelution, espeon, flareon, gets, glaceon, hawlucha, jolteon, leafeon, linoone, plush, pokecen, pokedoll, sales, sylveon, wanted, zigzagoon
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