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June 2015 Monthly Merch Roundup!

Hello everyone!

Today is the first in our series of Pkmncollectors Monthly Merch Roundups! Each month we will be providing a recap of what came out during the previous month, as well as ongoing updates about what there is to look forward to this month.
(There will be a link to these posts in the sidebar eventually, so you can easily find them!)

We hope that you find this post informative and can use it as a place to discuss, ask questions, and share!

Let’s start off with what was new in June!

June 2015:

June 4thCollapse )
June 6thCollapse )
June 8thCollapse )
June 13thCollapse )
June 15thCollapse )
June 18thCollapse )
June 19thCollapse )
June 20thCollapse )
June 23rdCollapse )
June 25thCollapse )
June 26thCollapse )

Please feel free to share your photos etc. in the comments below! I could not include photos/information on every single item, so if you feel something was not featured enough, please feel free to share!

Now that we’ve recapped everything from June, let’s talk about what we can expect in July! (Please check back, as this will be updated as more announcements come out!)

July 2015Collapse )
That's all for now!

A huge thank you to kitzune for all of her help in making this post, the banner, and for lending me many of the photos shown here. Her blog is a wonderful source of information on new merchandise, and I definutely recommend checking it out for more photos and information: http://mikitzune.com/
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