ruvikvictoriano (latias) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Hello comm :) Just a reminder I switched from ville_valo to this one!

My lati luck kind of vanished so I'm hoping to get it back, maybe some members have these items for sale, or have seen these items anywhere? Although I can't complain, I love all the merch coming out :)
Shipping would be to 32714.

Why did I decide to collect the latis. They are so elusive *shakes fist*. Oh well I love em :P

Also these, but they just came out so I doubt anyone has em now. Or if anybody in Japan is doing pickups for MPCs?

Also is anybody watching US Nationals :D? I can't believe I saw my favorite youtube ShadyPenguinn commentating haha, I had no idea. Also happy 4th of July to those who celebrate :3.
Tags: latias, latios, plush, wanted, wants
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