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Wants List (4th of July Edition)

Hey guys, I thought I'd make a wants post cause I'm in the mood to be getting some of these things right now.

I am interested in seeing Weavile & Absol items not already featured on my website. (It's more or less up to date, by the way!) I'm mostly into bigger figures, customs, or unusual items like the ones listed below. Small/cheap figures I usually pass on, but it depends on what it is.


  • I'm still looking for the Absol Bandai double attack action figure. I might need a payment plan but I would be willing to give you a nice chunk of money. So please, let me throw my dollas at ya.

  • I love clear figures and I'm looking for these guys right now. I just happened to look at the sold listings on Y!J and saw a clear Weav sold on the 27th. I never even saw it, and I feel like I check Y!J a LOT so that's pretty frustrating ;_; Please let me know if you're selling.

  • These are also high wants of mine.

Weavile Candy Tin / Weavile Can Badge(??) / Unpainted Weavile TOMY / TOMY Keychain / Dice Bag / Mini Gachapon Machine / Minimodels (any color) / Suction Cup figure (lol I keep putting this one off) / Settei / Metal figure

Above: Shiny Weavile Repaint by PleinairBunny

  • Lastly, I'm thinking of commissioning someone for figure repaints in the future. Some kid figure repaints would be cool, but I also have a figure coming soon that is missing a tail, so I'd need a repaint + a small sculpt. I don't have the figure yet, so I'm just kinda gauging who's out there, prices, galleries, etc. If you do this kind of work, feel free to comment or message me with your information and I might contact you in the near future.

I'll actually be heading out soon for festivities but I'll be in and out. I might take a while to respond but please, flood me with your comments and messages. I can already feel the wave of Weavile & Absols you're all dying to sell me, right? r-right?

Aand my sales are open as usual, not much new stuff but maybe take a look anyway. :3c I noticed some comments on this post that I missed recently, and I apologize if I accidentally skipped anyone; I'm usually pretty up on comments but it has been pretty busy lately. If I don't reply please feel free to contact me again. I'll be shipping stuff out on Monday.

Click Uncle Weav to go to my sales. Have a fun 4th and stay safe!! We'll be having a small barbeque and celebrating my bf's birthday as well! I was actually expecting a few packages today and realized there's no mail on the 4th lol, so I'm a bit bummed about that. I have a few weavy things coming in from Y!J and more Eevee Time stuff as well. (Just two more straps till I have all nine 'vees!)
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