kriscarmi (kriscarmi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

group buy!!! >>> eeveelution wall clings

Hey, all!

I missed out on claiming a Flareon a bit ago, and then it disappeared from the Pokemon Center website... and, well, it's back! HOORAY! These things are just SUPER cute, and are, on average, 17 in. x 17 in. So basically, HUGE. Which sounds adorable.

Each wall graphic / cling will be $11 before shipping, fees, etc... please check out the claim list below!


Eevee - kriscarmi
Vaporeon - ssjvap
Jolteon - syminka
Flareon - kriscarmi
Umbreon - tyltalis
Espeon - viaticvenusaur
Leafeon - kleine_teekanne
Glaceon - neutralemotions
Sylveon - acidmimi

Let me know if you're interested! Once I get enough claims, I'll be ordering it :D and thanks in advance!! These things are just too cute to pass up ;_; THANKS, GUYS!!! I just had them all ordered, although Leafeon still needs a home! Let me know if you're interested :3

EVERYTHING IS PERFECT NOW :D will update you all when it arrives :3

(I received sales permission from denkimouse in August / September 2010.)
Tags: eeveelutions, group buy
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