pepperzark (pepperzark) wrote in pkmncollectors,

just a few of my most recent gets and a dire want

So I got a decent amount of gets in the past month, I haven't had time to take pictures of all of them though, just a few, but I would like to show them off :)

I got the Pokemon Time Jolteon mascot plush! Jolteon is my favorite eeveelution, as well as my favorite gen one Pokemon along with Scyther. I really wanted everything Jolteon from this promo but I just couldn't afford anymore than the plush and that's fine because he's probably my favorite piece from this promotion, so cute! Thanks sk, will be leaving you feedback in a moment :)

I also commissioned vulpes_canis for a simplified shiny latias as well as a simplified sleepy shiny ninetales (not pictured because it was for my boyfriend which he absolutely adored by the way! Will be leaving you feedback in a moment as well!) The shiny latias turned out extremely cute, especially in person! I absolutely love her and she displays so nicely with the others :)

My boyfriend also has an online friend who travels to Japan at least twice a year for his job (LUCKY!) and my boyfriend asked him to pick up a little something for me :')

The Secret Base Totodile doll! Totodile is my absolute favorite starter, but his plushies never seem to do him enough justice. I found this one to be absolutely adorable though, and just had to have him! He also came with this cute bag :) I'm definitely considering getting the Cyndaquil now. I don't love Cyndaquil as much, but he is also one of my favorites <3

Special thanks also goes to raindance11 (the PC Tyrunt plush is super cute and I'm glad I got him! Tyrunt is definitely my favorite gen six Pokemon!) and miniterasu (my boyfriend absolutely adores the Christmas Fennekin plush and the tag art was loads cuter than expected!) If I've forgotten you, I am terribly sorry. I've been extremely busy with work and preparing to transfer to a different college.

Also, if you have bought from me, your package has been shipped! I'm assuming most have been received since they were shipped earlier this week but some may not arrive until Monday or Tuesday!

Now, onto the dire want. I really, really, REALLY want a Slowpoke pokedoll and would hate to spend more than $68 (plus shipping and fees) on one. Please help me find one! While he's not the last Pokedoll I want, he's the only one left that I feel a NEED to own. I need my Mr. Bubbles (aka Big Daddy) in plush form and the pokedoll is just too cute for words.

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